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Vendor's FAQ

Vendor's FAQ


Frequently Asked Questions

Question:  How much is a stall per week?

Answer:  $40.00/day (includes GST) or 35/day if you do two days per weekend for a total of 73.50

Question:  How big are the stalls?

Answer:  10 Ft by 18 Ft close to a regular car parking spot.

Question:  What types of goods does the market offer?

Answer:   Everything from soup to nuts.  Come down to see what the Market has to offer you won’t go home empty handed.  

Question:  Can I sell food?

Answer:  You will have to contact the department of Environmental Health at 780 735 1800 or the local inspector at 780-735-1797 ask for the Food Inspection where you will be given a certificate if approved. We are a public market, and not a Alberta aproved market, where they are protected from Alberta health and we are not. That being said we also require insurance for anything going on or in the body, it is only about 265/yr, thru the market.

Question:  Why can't I bring my well behaved dog?

Answer:  As much as we love animals the Health Department will not let our vendors sell their food products in the same area as animals.

Question:  How can I get more information regarding the Market?

Answer:  Brian Dahl would be happy to answer any and all questions regarding the Market  780-686-5882   (between 8a.m – 9pm)  

Question:  Do I have to register?

Answer:  Yes you do. Please call in advanced to insure there is space available



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