South Common Market-The Market with Heart


King Oyster

Description: 1lb of King - A meaty mushroom with a lightly nutty cashew like flavour. From stir fry, stew to BBQ's this fungi stands up to any kind of cooking.

Lions Mane

Description: 1lb - Lions Mane Mushroom. One unique fungi that looks like a loofah and tastes like lobster. A rich meaty mushroom that demands to be the star of the plate.

Blue Oyster

Description: 1/2 lb Blue Oyster, A classic mushroom flavour with an earthy tone and a texture like velvet. You can't go wrong with the Blues

Pink Oyster

Description: 1/2 lb of Pink Oyster. Pretty as a flower and they taste like Bacon. Try roasting the beautiful pink oysters to relish the crisp and soft mushroomy vegan bacon.

Gold Oyster

Description: 1/2 lb of Gold Oyster - Delicate texture with a light citrousy note, cooking with gold is a unique kitchen experience

Plain meatballs (5 meatballs, 120 g)

Description: Our plain meatballs are anything but plain! These delicious meatballs are packed with flavor and a great addition to pastas or soups. Home cooked taste at your fingertips!